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      Special Purpose Machines - SPM

Autophoretic Coating Plants

Autophoretic Coating Plants

Integrated Automation & Robotics is the prime destination for the clients for accessing the Automatic Autophoretic Coating Plants (Transporter based), which is also called as Auto deposition or A-coat. Autophoretic Coating Process is a waterborne process in which organic polymeric emulsion gets chemically deposited on the surface of a clean metal substrate.
  Appropriate dipping of the component & material handling.
  Formation of a uniform film over the entire surface of the work piece.
  Lower process energy consumption.
  Elimination of heavy metal waste and volatile organic compounds emissions.
  Improvement of inside-out corrosion performance.
  Easy reach even in difficult-to-reach areas.
  Superior barrier protection.
  Reduced application equipment footprint.
  Comparatively low cost of coating w.r.t. ED coating.
  Defense and Machine build up industries.
  Automotive & its ancillaries.
  General engineering.
  Heavy earth moving equipment manufacturing.
  LCV/MCV/HCV Auto Service Industry.
  Heavy earth moving equipment industry.
  White good products.
  Power equipment.
  Aviation, Marine components
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