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Automatic Spray Reciprocator Integrated

Automatic Spray Reciprocator Integrated

Integrated Automation & Robotics also offers Auto Spray Reciprocators, which are designed as per the Process quality standards. These Spray Reciprocators are suitable for meeting the varied industrial requirements in the most promising manner.

  By means of frequency converter and PLC, two reciprocators can be real-time controlled
    at the same time.
  Using touching keys and LCD display, various sets of programs of reciprocator movement
    can be edited, stored, and called.
  Step less speed in movement and different speed in every sub-section.
  Smooth movement and low noise.
  Combine with photo-sensors, system realize automatic control of gap spraying
    operation.(intelligent control of start and stop of reciprocators and guns)
Spray Reciprocators are employed for the following purpose:
  High Production Spray painting units.
  Uniform spraying paint on moving on conveyor, rotating, or stationery objects.
  Controlling variable speed with precise & smooth up & down movement of Spray Guns


  Designed as per the production requirement
  Modern, clearly arranged operator panel
  Synchronization with the conveyor
  Adaptation with the conveyor speed
  Adjustable stroke length & speed
  Precise controlled Speed & Stroke Length.
  Increased Production
  Uniform DFT with improved finish
  Paint Wastage can be reduced by adjusting exact stroke length
  Maintenance-free AC motor drive (only cleaning required)
  Reduces Labor Cost
  Operator-friendly control unit
  Heavy loading and high stability

  Automotive & its ancillaries
  Power equipments
  Defense and Machine build up industries
  Aviation, Marine components
  Heavy earth moving equipment manufacturing
  LCV/MCV/HCV Auto Service Industry
  Heavy earth moving equipment industry
  White good products
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