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    Automation Special Purpose Machines - SPM



A large Element of Mechanical production takes place in most of the Production companies. We have a close and smoothly-functioning collaboration with these companies extending back over many years, and we are well-known in the electroplating industry.

Transporter System

ED Coating Plants

Phosphating Process Plants

Pre - treatment Plants

Zinc Plating Process

Silver Plating Process

Nickel Plating Process


Autophoretic Coating Plant


MIP Coating Plants


Insulating Coating Machine with Fluidised Plants


Spray Painting / Powder Coating Booth with Baking System

Working closely with our customers, the plant required is specified and supplied - which means most production is customized. The relationship with our customers often involves constant development of the plant and systems we supply, and IAR is the CREATIVE solution provider making its customers profitable and successful.

Recent years have seen growing exports of surface treatment plant, especially to Asia, which has contributed to accelerated development of our concept. Advanced Electrical control systems for electroplating plant are employed, build in modules with PLC for machine control, linked to a touch screen PC for communication with the operators and history-viewing.
  Rapid restart in the event of power outage.
  Ability to run a wide range of product types, each with its own process.
  Control of external units.
  Absolute measurement of trolley location using laser measurement.

Our complete Automatic Paint shop Plants work on component & spray-paint technology to provide uniform & better finish with noticeable labor saving. These Automatic Painting Plants are, diligently designed by experts, incorporating various advanced technical features for the assurance of efficient functioning.

Our Automatic Surface Treatment plants Comprises of:
  PLC Programming for automatic application of the complete Plant
  Transporter Structures for Plating of components.
  Internal & External Painting.
  Baking ovens
  Conveyorised Automation
  Fixed mountings
  Rotary tables
  Rotary hangers
  Component indexing
  Automatic Spray Guns – Conventional / HVLP
  Paint feeding and re-circulation system
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  MIP Coating Plants
  Insulating Coating Machine with Fluidised Plants
  Spray Painting / Powder Coating Booth
     with Baking System

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  Liquid Painting System
  Automatic Spray Reciprocators
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